Operationally smart

Enterprise-wide integration

With hardware and software made for each other, CareConnex is the industry’s only completely integrated offering for interactive patient care. It enables enterprise-wide integration with your own business tools and processes and ensures seamless collaboration with all hospital applications for a patient-centric workflow.

Designed for operational sustainability

CareConnex can be installed on sites with no existing infrastructure, or make use of the existing infrastructure to maximize efficiency and ROI. The modular structure allows you to adapt as you need to and to expand as you grow. Its centralized architecture ensures maximum uptime.

Designed to deliver ROI

Driving improvements in staff efficiency, quality of care, and patient satisfaction, CareConnex offers clinical as well as financial gains (e.g. reducing readmission costs, increasing hospital reimbursement…). Additionally, the flexibility of the platform also enables bundling and promotion of services to create a new source of revenue stream.

From a cost-containment perspective, CareConnex consolidates various hospital systems (telephony, television, Internet, patient whiteboards…) in a single-vendor solution, minimizing hardware and service costs.


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