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Information concerning the transparency legislation

Detailed information can be found in the Extract from the Guide to the Transparency Legislation CBFA_2008_16 of 14 March 2011(available from the website of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). For the notifications the FSMA recommends the use of its standard form TR-1 BE (also available from the FSMA website).

The notifications should be transmitted to both Barco and the FSMA. The FSMA recommends transmitting the notifications electronically to the e-mail address

It is recommended to transmit notifications to Barco electronically as well, to the attention of:

Mr Kurt Verheggen
General Counsel
Compliance Officer
E-mail address:
Phone: + 32 56 26 22 45

Ownership of the company's shares

Michel Van de Wiele NV 14.48% (1,883,815 shares)
ACF IV Investment SARL 5.06% (658,915 shares)
Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC 4.72% (614,438 shares)
3D NV 3.84% (499,785 shares)
GO Investment Partners LLP 3.55% (462,485 shares)
Public 61.37% (7,987,810 shares)
Barco 6.98% (908,484 shares)
Total 100% (13,015,732 shares)


Fully diluted

Michel Van de Wiele NV 14.39% (1,883,815 shares)
ACF IV Investment SARL 5.03% (658,915 shares)
Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC 4.69% (614,438 shares)
3D NV 3.82% (499,785 shares)
GO Investment Partners LLP 3.53% (462,485 shares)
Public 61.60% (8,066,903 shares)
Barco 6.94% (908,484 shares)
Total 100% (13,094,825 shares)


Thresholds set by Articles of Association

According to Barco's Articles of Association, the threshold as from which a participation needs to be disclosed, has been set at 3%, subsequently at 5% and each multiple of 5%.

Press announcement transparency legislation

Latest update: 21 March 2016

Annual Report 2015

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Barco’s 2015 full annual report is now available online.

For more information, please contact

Kurt Verheggen
General Counsel


+32 56 26 22 45