“Why look @ Barco”

Barco NV has a straightforward philosophy when it comes to financial communications. Our role is to inform and educate the market in a transparent, proactive, and consistent way.
We aim to provide you with relevant information about our company, strategy, performance and our markets.
We use the corporate website, the annual report, the shareholder guide and IR deliverables to help improve your understanding of our company.

If you want to hear more, we’re just an e-mail or phone call away!

Please find below 7 reasons to have a look at Barco:

 A sizeable international technology company (market cap > € 750m, listed on Euronext and member of the Tech40)

 Leadership positions and strong install bases in selected markets, characterized by high entry barriers and/or requiring deep technological skills

 Strong brand, driven by technology leadership and a committed Barco team, resulting in excellent customer loyalty

 Supporting sustainable value creation through investments in the core activities and strategic growth initiatives

 Solid Balance Sheet & continued focus on operational excellence ; Debt free and a strong net cash position (>€ 200m)

 A renewed shareholder base with a more active involvement

 Consistent dividend policy