Eonis medical displays: so cleanable they help save lives

in Healthcare

Barco's fully cleanable Eonis clinical and dental displays
Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are on the rise – and these superbugs show increasing resistance to antibiotics. Medical professionals routinely wash their hands with antibacterial agents, change gloves, and take many other precautions to prevent transmitting infections to patients. However, because computer monitors can still harbor bacteria, they are an underestimated source of cross-contamination. That’s why Barco’s Eonis displays for clinical and dental applications have a fully cleanable design.

The battle is on: medical display design vs superbugs

Eonis displays are completely sealed and can withstand exposure to commonly used liquids (IP-rating, cable cover) and the intensive usage in a healthcare environment (toughened glass). With Eonis, superbugs and healthcare-associated infections don’t stand a chance! 

To find out how a fully cleanable display design can help fight healthcare-associated infections, download our white paper here (clinical) or here (dental).

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