Barco helped Russian art works come to life at Moscow Manege Museum

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From 14 April to 26 May, thousands of art fans had the chance to see works of art by Russia’s influential avant-garde movement at the Moscow Manege Museum. The brains behind the unique ‘The Golden Age of Russian Avant-Garde’ exposition were the famous film director Peter Greenaway and his wife, director Saskia Boddeke. The projectors that powered their 5,000m2 multimedia installation? 12 ultra-bright Barco HDX-W20 projectors!


Blending digital imagery with art
Since 2006, writer and director Peter Greenaway, the curator of the art event, has been setting up a series of video installations where digital images merge with art. The same concept has now been used for the Russian exhibition project, which was one of the centerpieces of the ‘UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014’. The concept was straightforward, yet challenging at the same time: Greenaway had three towers installed inside a huge, dimly-lit black box. The screens on the boxes broadcasted presentations with scenes blending real-life actors with images from more than 400 avant-garde works.

Astonishing colors and high resolution
The event organizers chose to team up with Barco as a technical partner and visualization sponsor, on account of Barco’s excellent reputation in projector technology. Barco and AV distributor CTC Capital, which installed the projectors, were confident that the ultra-bright HDX-W20 projector would perfectly meet all the visualization needs of this lofty project. Which it did! “Ensuring a light output of 20,000 lumens each, the 12 HDX-W20 projectors reproduced the works with astonishing colors and high resolution and helped create effects of visually enhanced reality,” said Victor Chetverev, General Director of CTC Capital.

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