Barco focuses on collaboration by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge 1
Barco is taking the "ice bucket" challenge to support fundraising efforts for ALS, with our own Peter Pauwels, Patrick Lee, Neil Wittering and Venus Tayco stepping up for the cause. They've tagged other Barco colleagues to join in, including Wim Buyens, Romeo Baertsoen, Gerben Van den Berg, Todd Hoddick, Bram Dieryckx, Kristian Kolstad, Jorn Erickson, Becky Koester and Bill Morris. Barco is also inviting some of its partners to step up to the bucket in the spirit of collaboration, tagging ALMO Professional A/V COO Sam Taylor; Gary Kayye, publisher of rAVe Pubs; and, Simon Nana, Sales Manager of InAVate.

Project MinE is conducting international groundbreaking genetic toward finding a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. To understand the genetic basis of ALS and to ultimately find a cure for this devastating disease, the organization wants to map the DNA profiles of at least 15,000 ALS patients and 7,500 controls and perform comparative analyses on these 22,500 DNA profiles. Campaigns like “The Ice Bucket Challenge” help to provided needs funds to pursue this research.

Barco invites you, too, to be different, be COOL…and make an impact.

Bring on the water!

Panorama ice bucket challenge

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