When Alvo, Barco and architects meet … magical hospitals are built

in Healthcare

What does the operating room of the future look like? What are the latest architectural engineering concepts and today’s hospital trends? And how does Barco add to that? Barco and ALVO Medical welcomed hospital architects in Kortrijk last week, to share answers, views and experiences.


Operating theaters
ALVO Medical, a Polish company, provides innovative solutions for operating theaters, amongst other areas, and is a distributor of our Nexxis operating room system. Last year, the company invited hospital architects to the site of medical equipment manufacturer Dräger for a two-day seminar. Barco had the pleasure of hosting the 2015 get-together.

From AZ Groeninge to One Campus
On the agenda were visits to AZ Groeninge, the leading hospital nearby our headquarters in Kortrijk, which just inaugurated its brand-new hospital conference facility, and to our One Campus. The visits were alternated with workshops by ALVO, Barco, Dräger, Siemens and Assa Abloy and hands-on presentations.

Imagine a hospital designed by Disney
“This was a great opportunity to make hospital architects familiar with our solutions,” said Pieter Doornaert, who had introduced the participants to Barco Healthcare. ALVO’s project director, Marek Miądowicz, was delighted with the feedback on his presentation about ‘magical hospitals’. “Imagine a hospital designed by Disney,” he said when kicking off his speech, “everyone would simply love it. Well, magical hospitals do exist. They are practical, safe and have a great design.” We couldn’t agree more!

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