D320 Lite

D320 Lite

Advanced multi-window image processing unit for LED displays

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

  • Use up to 2 sources on your display. Switch from source to source or display video and data sources simultaneously. Front accessible, input units, with sealed and ruggedized metal enclosure.
  • Arrange your sources onto your display through an intuitive interface.
    Scale and position all sources exactly how you want them.
  • Use effects such as advanced chroma-keying and alpha blending while overlaying sources.
  • Customize your D320 Lite by inserting exactly the plug-in inputs required for the job. Hot swap and auto-configuration of the input provides you with ultimate flexibility.
  • Display video and data in pure quality. The highest quality standards are available including HD-SDI and DVI up to UXGA resolution at the input.
  • Use the D320 Lite as multi-window processor for your DLite, SLite and ILite

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  • R9851560
    (D320 Lite)